The Body Recharger

Restoring Your Health Naturally

The Body Recharger (TBR) is a breakthrough health technology designed to recharge your body’s biological batteries to promote overall wellness. To understand how the TBR works, think of each cell in your body as a miniature battery... and just like batteries, when your cells don’t have enough charge, they don’t function at optimal capacity. 

By using the TBR technology you are boosting and topping off the charge on every cell! You can have your whole body or just your hand or feet immersed in the water to get the benefits realized from using the device. The TBR is easy to use and experienced anywhere. 

Why is  cellular re-charging important? 

Each cell of your body contributes its part to your overall wellness. If the cell does not have the right charge, they can’t perform their job properly. If too many cells are not performing correctly, then we start having health problems. By restoring the cellular charge to the right level, each cell is empowered to perform at its best, and that includes detecting and repairing damage. 

Our body is made up of trillions of cells...about 75 trillion of them! Under ideal conditions, they all perform their job and are quite capable of detecting any damage that happens to them. Once damage is detected the cell knows to repair the damage. If that isn’t possible, the cell is designed to literally self-destruct so that it can be replaced by a healthy cell. This process of repairing or replacing damaged cells is the very basis of the healing!  So, you want the healthiest cells possible. And TBR makes that possible. 

When we are young, our body is constantly replacing damaged cells with healthy cells. But as we age this process slows down and we can experience health problems.

The Benefits of Charging our Cells  

Enhanced Moods
Increased Energy & Stamina
Increased Strength Metabolism Improved Perception & Concentration Better Recovery from Stress 

Improved Sleeping Patterns 

Re-Balance of Meridians 

Skin Rejuvenation and more. 

Reduction of:
Stress, Anxiety &  Hostility 

Scars from Burns

Muscle Discomfort 

Menstrual Discomfort

Joint Discomfort
Varicose Veins & Spider Veins
Reduction of Fluid Retention, Inflammation &  Swelling
Cramping and more. 

Click Here to see video presentation by Michael Stern on how it works. 

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For more information on The Science of TBR and Breakthrough Research  by Dr. Marcy Purnell Click Here.

Rates & Packages

1 session $40

4 Sessions  $140

6 Sessions  $180